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LET’S GET STARTED     you must complete all three items to be enrolled in the class

1      DFG will be requiring proof of identity at the time of class and you must also register online or you will not be registered for the class. You can now do the online requirement in the range office. You must have the GO ID and have signed up for a class before coming to the range for the book.    Click the link below.


2     Must enroll at the Main Range Check-in Office ahead of time and the $10.00 fee must be paid in cash at signup time and get a homework book.

3     Workbook must be completed before attending classes. We suggest at least two weeks before class date to finish your workbook.

Classes have been filling up early. Classes are 8 hours in duration from 8:15 to 5:00 with a lunch break. No firearms are required for the classes.


Is Lunch available at this location?2017-09-25T19:31:15-07:00

Usually a hot dog stand is available,  However, we recommend bringing a sack lunch as offsite restaurants are a distance away and returning students many be late for class. (Lunch is one half hour)

Do I get the opportunity to shoot on the range?2017-09-25T19:30:49-07:00

Some of our locations offer the opportunity to shoot on the range. However, we do not.

Do I have to pay again and stay all day in the class?2017-09-25T19:30:15-07:00

No, But you must re-register for the next class and show up at 2:30 pm and re-take the test with the other students.

What happens if I don’t pass the exam?2017-09-25T19:29:53-07:00

If you fail to score a minimum 80% on the test, you can come back the following month  or at any time a class is scheduled to re-test.

What is a Passing score?2017-09-25T19:29:29-07:00

To pass the test, the minimum score is 80%. That’s 80 questions right, out 100!

Is the test “Open Book”?2017-09-25T19:29:10-07:00

No. What would be the point of taking the class if you didn’t learn anything.

What is the Hunter Education Test like?2017-09-25T19:28:40-07:00

The written test that is given at the end of the day consists of 100 questions. Out of the 100 questions, 50% is True/False & 50% Multiple Choice.

Is my Hunter Education Certificate good in other States?2017-09-25T19:28:10-07:00

Yes, your Hunter Education Certificate in recognized in all states that require it. Also good in Canada and Mexico.

Can I use Hunter Education Certificate to purchase my first Handgun?2020-02-05T11:04:01-08:00

No, you must take a different test called the ” Calif. Firearm Safety Test”. You can take this test anytime at any gun store. Cost is $ 25.00 per student.

When does the class start and finish?2017-09-25T19:54:11-07:00

Check in time is 8:15am and ends when testing portion is finished.

How long is the class?2017-09-25T19:27:11-07:00

The class is (1) one full day (eight hours), plus (2) hours credit when home study is finished. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TAKE THE EXAM UNLESS THE HOMEWORK IS COMPLETED.

Do the Instructors make money from these classes?2017-09-25T19:26:43-07:00

No. By State Fish & Game regulations & International Hunter Education Association rules state this is a Not For Profit program. The class fee you are charged is to cover class expenses, such as: supplies, refreshments,  Advertisement, Classroom Rental.

How much is the class & how do I pay?2017-09-25T19:26:20-07:00

The class costs $ 10.00, cash payable at the Angeles Ranges office prior to the date scheduled.

Can I just show up for the class?2017-09-25T19:25:50-07:00

No. Because this is a (1) one day class, you are required to have the work book material ahead of time to study and finish the review questions at the end of the book. Also, since we have a class minimum attendance of (10) ten students we must know ahead of time if we have enough students to hold a class.

What if I don’t read or speak English very well?2017-09-25T19:25:32-07:00

At this time we do not have any foreign speaking instructors. We will allow interpreters for students, Our policy is to allow an interpreter during the class lectures, however, another person or interpreter can assist with administering the test.  Under no circumstances is the classroom interpreter to administrate the test. We do have a limited supply of Spanish books & tests. Books can be requested at the time of registration.

What if I have a learning disability?2017-09-25T19:24:53-07:00

If you have disability such as, ADD, ADHD, Dislexia, Deaf, even Blind we can try to accommodate with pre-arrangements.

What is the Minimum Age to take Hunter Education Class?2017-09-25T19:24:32-07:00

There isn’t a minimum age, however the study material is at a 5th grade level or suggested minimum age 10 years.Depending on the maturity of the child we have had younger students attend and pass our classes.